Pressing a button gives you with plenty of options

Dania Plast has extensive experience in casting technical plastic components. We have gained this experience because we are never at a standstill.

This means that our production is automated and efficient and, of course, always controlled by a skilled member of staff. However, in reality, the production of your products begins long before we press the start button, because you get a lot more than just your product.

We provide advice on the optimum shape and produce the necessary tools and moulds. You get high-quality prototypes and trial runs, so that you can be certain of the finished product in advance. We offer you one- or two-component castings from 25 to 700 tons. We handle the assembly of your items, if you prefer. And we can arrange storage and logistics solutions that suit your everyday life and your needs.

This is why Dania Plast is more than just a production company. With new knowledge, new technology and many years’ experience, you get the whole package. Just by pressing a button.