Injection moulding

High precision, certain delivery

Two things are crucial when it comes to injection moulding of plastic products: a high degree of precision and a safety of delivery. You get both from Dania Plast.

We have production areas covering more than 8,000 m2 and approx. 60 robot-controlled injection moulding machines. This means that we can perform virtually all types of injection moulding jobs - both the very small ones, where success is measured in less than half a millimetre, as well as large tasks that require more elbow room and high ceilings.

Dania Plast keeps itself constantly updated with both new and proven technology which minimises errors while ensuring efficient and, not least, uniform production. In other words, all of your products meet your requirements. Thus, as a customer, you can rest assured that your order is not merely in the hands of professionals. It will also be produced exactly as agreed and within the agreed deadline.