We create value
from start to finish

At Dania Plast, our goal is always to generate the best possible value for our customers. The best way for us to this is by being part of the whole process from start to finish. This is why we are always ready for close and long-term collaboration. Dania Plast has more than 30 years’ experience in consulting, development and production in partnership with clients in many industries.
The earlier we are included in the project, the more you, as a customer, will benefit from our longstanding know-how and precise sparring.

Often, we have helped clients refine and reinforce their original idea, providing an even stronger foundation for the finished product. In doing so, we also contribute to strengthening the bottom line for the individual customer and partner. We take our customers' values seriously.

We are ready for growth

Dania Plast A/S has 60 well-qualified and dedicated employees who are able to perform all types of injection moulding of technical plastic. From the smallest jobs tasks to large items.

Dania Plast A/S is the result of a merger in 2019 of Dania Plast and RK Plast. Thus, we are even better equipped for a future based on collaboration and have a clear aim to grow.

We can also help you reach your goals with your vision