Merger of Dania Plast A/S and RK Plast A/S

The boards of Dania Plast A/S, CVR No 14 32 48 36, and RK Plast A/S, CVR No 31 61 94 24, have decided to merge the two companies with effect pertaining to the accounts as at 1 January 2019.

The merger transfers all assets and liabilities of RK Plast A/S to Dania Plast A/S which will become the continuing company and Dania Plast A/S will also become the continuing name. Today, Dania Plast A/S is 100% owned by RK Group A/S, which will also continue to be the case.

The merger takes place with universal succession meaning that Dania Plast A/S accepts all rights and obligations of RK Plast A/S. Dania Plast A/S will therefore enter into all agreements and pending orders.

See the full official press release here.